Packing Services

Nothing is more important to us than

handle your goods with care 

RPS is specialized in Packing, Crating, Palletizing and Transport of all types of cargo, RPS has all the necessary experience in cargo packing, handling, loading and unloading at all possible locations.

Transporting cargo requires solid protection, RPS can provide proven durable protection for your cargo. Machinery, Household Goods and industrial goods. RPS has the solution!

The Materials used by RPS can be traced back to origin and can be made sustainable if necessary. Reusing our packaging is also possible even when this is custom made. In this way, RPS helps to improve the world.

Packing Personal and Private Goods:

Preventing possible damages to your valuable cargo is our top priority. RPS will pack your cargo, as soon we know sizes, weight and amount of cargo RPS will provide you with tailor made services.

Wrapping, palletizing, materials used and many other options can be discussed via: info@rotterdampackingservices.nl

Palletizing commercial cargo:

Loading or Unloading containers RPS has the tools ! Your loose loaded cargo needs to be palletized RPS will support you with tailor made services.

RPS is offering services by supporting your local team or send a mobile team to different locations and warehouses in the Netherlands, Germany, France and Belgium. Interested in our possibilities: info@rotterdampackingservices.nl

Transport Solutions:

In need of Transport for your cargo, personal goods or vehicles RPS will arrange the best way to move your goods to the warehouse or specified location. Many options can be discussed with RPS, pick up or get your boxes delivered, pallets or just support you with arranging the needed transport to all possible locations.

Interested how we can support you: info@rotterdampackingservices.nl


RPS Direct Phone: +31681465001