Rif bv the organisation and our people 

Rif bv was founded in Rotterdam. The idea to start was created through a unique concept of service provision and subsequently carried out by staff who can empathize and experience the shipments form A to Z, only then the desired level of customer service  can be achieved.

The vision is simple, how would you like to see it yourself?

Setting up Rif bv was a well-considered choice given the fact that there was room in the market for a forwarder who would explicitly focus on personal service to customers.” Rif bv needs to be able to advise and unburden its customers as much as possible. “Currently we experience that customers increasingly have to enter more and more data into systems themselves, while that is precisely the task of the forwarder, which offers added value. Our customer must be able to rely on the fact that they will receive the best price/solution combination from Rif bv. 

We can provide to our customers on daily basis live reports and status reports.. “We immediately pass on possible changes to the customer, so that they are always proactively informed of the progress of their shipments.” 

In addition to our customers, our people are the most important link for success. Our people enable us to make our Brand a strong and independent Brand through total commitment and experience. We like to see our people just like our customers and we take good care of that so that everyone can participate in our success with pleasure.