Rotterdam International Forwarding BV - TERMS AND CONDITIONS 

Rif B.V. General: 

Value added Tax, If applicable, shall be additionally invoiced and quotation mentioned is exclusive of such tax or levy.
Unless specifically mentioned otherwise, this quotation is valid for 30 days from date of issue, after which date it will lapse unless the term is extended in writing by Rif B.V., written acceptance of this quotation is received.

Written acceptance of this quotation is necessary at the time of placing a booking to implement rates as quoted. This should be accompanied by details of overseas Suppliers ("Shipper") / Buyers ("Consignee") and/or Routing Orders where required.

This in All quotations are based on rates and tariffs as at date of quotation, and as such are subject to periodic revision with or without notice.

Cargo by Air is calculated on either actual or dimensional weight of the consignment, whichever is the greater, unless otherwise stated in this quotation. The Volumetric formula
is: (Overall)LengthxWidthxHeight(cm) / 6000 The total will equal the actual kilograms to be charged ("Chargeable Weight").

Cargo by Sea is calculated per cubic metre or per 1000 kilograms, whichever is the greater, unless otherwise specified.

Any shipment may be re-weighed and/or re-measured by Rif B.V. to confirm these calculations.
Rates and services quoted herein are not applicable to over-dimensional or over-weight cargo, livestock, perishables, hazardous cargo, or precious metals, unless otherwise specified.

All rates quoted are exclusive of Duty.
Terms of sale or purchase stated in this quotation and terms determining the scope of our services or rates are based on Incoterms 2020.( upon request )

Credit terms must be mutually agreed in advance. For import shipments Duty must be settled prior to delivery being arranged, with cheques payable to Rif B.V.

For the full terms and Conditons please contact us and ask for: Rif B.V. TERMS & CONDITIONS OF TRADE. 

- You can also find the conditions Via te link below:

Rif B.V. / Pricing Activities: 

- Quotations are based on shipping via Rif bv and its worldwide network via shipping lines of our choice, unless otherwise agreed. 
- All quotations are valid for 30 days unless otherwise specified, subject to change and filing within 3 days of quotation.
- All quotations are based on information provided at the time of the rate request. Unless otherwise specified quotations are only applicable for general cargo and not for
valuables, oversized cargo, dangerous cargo, perishables and other goods, not being recognized as general cargo due to the particulars of such goods in terms of its weight,
size, exposure to weather conditions, temperature or humidity, inherent vices or any other items, having either an impact on such goods from outside or resulting from such
goods having an effect on the goods itself, goods of third parties or the loading unit, or both.
- The mentioned service details (e.g. transit times, sailing dates, eta, etd ) and rate of exchange are purely indications and subject to changes.
- All quotations are subject to all applicable charges, surcharges, fees, rules, regulations and exceptions valid at time of shipment. Such additional surcharges may include, but
are not limited to: emergency surcharges, bunker surcharges, currency adjustment factor, peak season surcharges, piracy risk surcharges, war risk premium surcharges,
general rate increases, scanning charges. All quotations are subject to space and equipment availability and subject to compliance with all applicable cargo weight
- All hazardous cargo is subject to approval at time of booking, subject to inspection at port of loading and subject to additional surcharges.
- For trades subject to the US Shipping Act, no rates or charges shall be binding on Rif bv unless included in a filing with the Federal Maritime Commission.
- For FCL shipments the shipper is responsible for the sealing of the container with a high security seal.

- Surcharges are current as of the date of quotation and subject to change as per the Airline or Shipping Line's calculations. Surcharges will be invoiced 'As Per Outlay' at the time of shipment.
- Any incidental/random charges will be invoiced 'As Per Outlay'. This includes but is not limited to Storage, Demurrage, Detention, and fees arising from Customs or other Regulatory Inspection. Unless specifically mentioned, space availability is at the discretion of the Airline / Shipping line and based on their final booking confirmation
- These rates do not include Legalisation, Attestation, other Ministry/Consular/Regulatory fees or,Bank charges which may apply to any shipments, either under a Letter of Credit (L/C) or otherwise.

- Inland haulage quotations are subject to third party increases valid at time of shipment/arrival, subject to any fuel surcharges valid at time of shipment/arrival, subject
to weight limitations and weight distribution requirements in accordance with the local and national rules and regulations of the country/countries of transit, subject to
availability of inland carrier at time of booking/arrival. Chosen by Rif bv. 
- Invoicing will take place in EURO and payment should be effected according to the  general payment terms and conditions, unless otherwise agreed upon. Import duties and
taxes are always immediately due.
- All our services are based on the ‘Algemene Voorwaarden Rif bv` and NL-NEDERLANDSE-EXPEDITIEVOORWAARDEN-FENEX A copy of these conditions can be provided upon request by Rif B.V..

- For the full terms and Conditons please contact us and ask for: Rif B.V. TERMS & CONDITIONS OF TRADE. 

Rif B.V. / Seafreight Terms and Conditions - Activities

All our activities are subject to the latest version of the Dutch Forwarding Conditions, filed with the registry of the Amsterdam, Arnhem, Breda and Rotterdam court.
- We may waive the arbitration proceedings.
- The Dutch Forwarding Conditions will be provided to you upon your first request. You can also find them at: http://www.fenex.nl
- Mentioned rates are excluding possible VAT
- We reserve the right, based on article 2 of the Fenex conditions, to impose -at all timesrate increases or additional surcharges by a sub-contractor.
- Rates valid for transport - shipping via a third party are available upon request
- Invoicing and payment must be in Euro's. Full outstanding must be in our bank-account, prior to delivery, unless agreed differently

- For the full terms and Conditons please contact us and ask for: Rif B.V. TERMS & CONDITIONS OF TRADE. 

- You can also find the conditions Via te link below: 

Rif B.V. / Airfreight Terms and Conditions Import & Export - Activities 

Transport insurance is not included. This can be arranged by Rif bv but the customer must make a special request for this. 
- Fuel and Security charges are subject to change
- Quotation is based on the Currency exchange rate of today based on daily R.O.E.
- Volume ratio for airfreight is based on 1:6.
- Rate currency is EURO and valid for general cargo only based on normal working days.
- Dangerous goods fee, fee for bank shipments, on board delivery, cool storage and hand over fee will be charged at cost.

- All charges are based on our groupage services and will be calculated on chargeable weight based on volume ratio of 1:6.
- Pick up costs are based on our groupage services and will be calculated on chargeable weight based on volume ratio of 1:6.
- Waiting time longer than 15 minutes will be charged at cost.
- Specific loading time within 2 hours will be charged 

- Advanced commission 3 % of: - The collect amount as per air waybill and prepaid import duties and VAT amounts, if any (*).

   (Advance fee is deductable on payment within 8 days of invoice date.)
- Carrier conditions (no show, cancellation and reservation policy) are applicable and will be send to you on request.
- Payment terms within 14 days, after positive credit worthiness check.

- For the full terms and Conditons please contact us and ask for: Rif B.V. TERMS & CONDITIONS OF TRADE. 

The services provided in our proposal shall be performed by Rif B.V., acting as a freight forwarding company registered at the Chamber of Commerce,
Rotterdam, Number 78435048
The Dutch Forwarding Conditions in the latest version by FENEX, including an Arbitration Clause in Article 23, deposited at the registry of the District Courts at Amsterdam, Arnhem,
Breda and Rotterdam, shall apply on all our activities. The applicability of any other conditions is hereby explicitly rejected. These conditions are available as per request via our contact page. 


For the full terms and Conditons please contact us and ask for: Rif B.V. TERMS & CONDITIONS OF TRADE. 

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