About us

About us


Welcome at Rif Bv! Your new Experience in Logistics  


The organization was founded in Rotterdam. The idea to start was created through a unique concept of service provision and subsequently carried out by staff who can empathize and experience the shipments, only then the desired service level can be achieved.

The vision is simple, how would you like to see it yourself?

''Our organization enables us to do precisely that what our client needs. Together with our customer we find the  the most efficient, pleasant and understandable way to transport goods. We ensure that our customers understand what we do and ultimately act as our ambassadors.'' 

Green Future: 

The result through optimization in logistics processes will be sustainability and possibly achieved CO2 performance improvement. At Rif BV we look very carefully at our purchasing and cooperation with the various suppliers. We make every effort to minimize the CO2 Footprint. RifBV is very selective in its collaborations.

Which is an important factor for us but also for many of our current clients. 

Naturally, this optimization automatically results in cost savings.

Professional team: 

Our staff is our most important asset, the team is selected based on experience and way of thinking.  

They have all gained knowledge from several logistics organizations. Our people enable us to make our Brand a strong and independent Brand through total commitment and experience.

Minimal response time: 

Making a promise is important but for us it is a way of working, in our business it means that what you promise you must keep, only because of this we are now where we are, this is what our work entails.

We maintain short lines of communication by being fully digital 24/7. It is important to use a very fast response time in logistics, this is one of the things in which we make ourselves unique in our fast-acting branch.

''Timely and correct information is our source of life.''

Customer Service:  

Service is our key to success. we believe this is the most important building block for a healthy future with our customers. Our people know this like no other and will do everything they can to satisfy you, they are therefore selected with a commercial but targeted vision.

''In order to deal with this continuously changing logistics market, it is important to be agile and innovative.''

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